Learn the systems & strategies that have helped make the Walt Disney Company one of the most admired and beloved for-profit companies in history.


If ever there was an industry that needed to incorporate a higher level of service (Disney-level service), it's our industry...real estate

Break down Disney's key business practices to apply directly to your real estate business.

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What's Included ... 

6 Modules of On-Demand Video Training

This is the meat of the training, where we learn Disney's systems - the nuts & bolts - directly from Dan & Valerie Cockerell! Designed as a virutal walk through the Magic Kingdom, you'll love the fascinating insight into Disney's operations, and will teach you to look at your business with fresh perspective.

Course Workbook and Weekly Assignments

All participants will receive a printed workbook before the class kicks off. Your workbook complements the video modules and has tons of bonus resources as well! There is also a short homework assignment for each module that helps you apply the principles to your business. 

Weekly Live Breakout Review Discussions

This is where the magic happens! It's time to review the concepts from the week's lessons, and then plug them into your real estate practice for maximum impact. These live group sessions allow you to share best practices and insights that you may never have thought of!

The course is laid out over 6 weeks, covering one module- and one Land in the Magic Kingdom - per week. 
Week 1: Main Street USA - Get Ready for the Magic
Week 2: Adventureland - The Method to the Magic
Week 3: Liberty Square - Delivering the Magic
Week 4: Fantasyland - The Power of Relationships
Week 5: Frontierland - The Wild West & What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Week 6: Tomorrowland - Prepare for the Future
BONUS Week 7: Live Q&A with Dan & Valerie Cockerell

Breakout Review Sessions (via Zoom) are an invaluable part of the course, and are held weekly to unpack each module.

The Breakout Review Discussion dates for the upcoming course are held every Thursday morning during the course.
They are also recorded in case you miss any or want to rewatch them.

Upon completion, you will have earned the official Agent of Excellence Designation!

Our unique format over the 6 week course blends weekly self-paced video-recorded modules with live (virtual) Breakout Review Sessions each week to share insights and best possible practices.

This group collaboration allows each student to get even more from the course than a solo, learn-on-your-own approach would allow. 

Lifetime Access!

When you graduate, you'll be joining an elite group of real estate professionals who have earned the Agent of Excellence Designation. Graduates who are also Agent of Excellence members have lifetime access to exclusive follow-up training at the Disney parks, called our "Making Magic Reboots," PLUS BRAND NEW monthly content from Dan & Valerie Cockerell!

What better way to bring new skills and a new level of excellence to your business?!

People are talking about our training!

Hesitancy is how I would describe my thinking prior to signing up for the course, thinking it would be more like other classes I have taken. I can honestly say this training is far beyond what I imagined. Courses from taking care of your health and mind (Main Street), becoming excellent in serving our clients (Adventureland), and walking into Liberty Square with the goal of delivering Touchpoints through the transaction life goes far beyond any previous training. I am so pleased with the content so far as we make magic in real estate.

Dave N


Dave N


It was great hearing from other participants! Not only learning what they do in their own business but also hearing their takeaways from our training that sometimes were different from mine and sometimes pointed out something I missed! Had several a-ha moments during our breakout sessions! I loved the layout and even though we were traveling from one part of the park to another, each step seemed to build on the one before! I wish we had more time! Looking forward to some pop up trainings, check ins and refreshes! 

Stacey P


Stacey P


This was the best real estate class that I have ever taken. I learned so much on taking better care of myself, and how to better serve my clients, to make their Real Estate experience the most magical, stress free as possible.

Summer W


Summer W


Omg! I would’ve paid double the amount to take that class. I’m am a better person because of the course and that will make me a better realtor.

Darrell Harris


Darrell Harris


You won't find this course offered anywhere else in the world!

This is ONLY open to professionals who work in the real estate industry. If you're a real estate agent, Broker, transaction manager, lender or title/escrow agent, THIS is the training you need to learn how Disney does what they do, so YOU can deliver a similar level of service!


Meet Your Trainers ... 

Dan Cockerell

As the former Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, Dan knows Disney operations like few executives in the world. During his 26 year career with The Walt Disney Company, Dan was Vice President of 3 out of the 4 parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, with over 12,000 cast members (park employees) reporting to him. Consistent results come from having detailed systems, and Dan knows the details to get you there!

Valerie Cockerell

As a former Disney Institute facilitator, Valerie has the knowledge and experience to translate the operational details  into easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to adapt Disney's processes to your own business. Valerie's vast experience with Disney operations AND training bring the perfect balance to your experience and learning during the Making Magic in Real Estate course.

At Agent of Excellence, our mission is to raise the standard of service in the real estate industry. This exclusive training will help more real estate agents, lenders and title officers & escrow agents to bring the same world-class Disney-level service and practices into their own businesses.

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⭐ Annual Agent of Excellence Membership $450/year
 Making Magic in Real Estate Course $1,749. $450 OFF!
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⭐ Annual Agent of Excellence Membership $450/year
 Making Magic in Real Estate Course $1,749. $450 OFF!
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