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Uncategorized Jan 29, 2020

Everyone knows that the best business comes from repeat & referral business. Because these clients already know and trust you, they're easier (and more fun) to work with...AND cost much less than generating brand new clients from outside your sphere!

A great way to stay connected with your past clients and cultivate amazing brand ambassadors is through a private Facebook group.
Here are some tips for getting the most out of your group:

  • Keep it all about them - this isn't the place to share your new listings or market updates
  • Name your group something them. For example, "Our Favorite People! Jane Smith Real Estate Client Group" or "Thank you for being clients of Jane Smith" or even "Jane Smith Amazing and Awesome Clients" etc. 
  • This is the place to love on your clients! Share giveaways just for them, last minute game tickets, and set up client appreciation events so they know how much their business means to you. 
  • Don't worry about being cheesy or silly. Go ahead and post funny gifs that say "You're Awesome" (you know the one - with Leo Dicaprio raising a toast)...but what may surprise you is how many similar comments you get in reply! 
  • Include anyone who is a past, present or future client, and decide who is NOT going to be included. For example, you probably want to exclude other agents, or people who you know wouldn't refer you. 

The goal? Make them feel so special that their friends & family who hear about you will want to be part of this inner circle, too!

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