Life Goals

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2020

So much of what we do is about mindset - for ourselves AND for our clients. In real estate, we wear so many hats and have to play so many different roles to be successful. One moment we're showing homes, meeting new clients, and hammering signs into front yards, and the next we're elbows deep in contracts, running comps and negotiating inspection items. Since real estate can be an emotional process for many, we also get to play the role of therapist and marriage counselor. Add to the mix all the challenges we face in our OWN daily lives, and it's no wonder real estate has such a high burn out rate! 

But here's a quick reminder: Your day job is not the same thing as your purpose. If you identify your purpose, it guides your decisions every day, all day. At Walt Disney World, there are about 80,000 cast members doing 2,000 different jobs, but they all have ONE common purpose: to create happiness. Whether they're in accounting, retail, ticket sales, guest services or housekeeping, they all are there to create happiness for their customers.

What's your purpose? This was discussed in a recent panel with AoE members and a few members shared their purpose: 

  • to help make people's lives better
  • to spread happiness
  • to nurture, uplift and encourage people

We hope every day is a bright, happy Disney sort of day! But when it's not, try to remember your greater purpose. There's a reason you do what you do, and there's a reason you were put on this earth!

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