Lessons from the Mouse

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Details! Yes, Walt knew that magic was in the details. For example, did you know that at the Magic Kingdom, the pavement changes when you cross from one land into another. Was that on purpose? (Hint: Everything Disney does is by design, so you can guess the answer is YES!)

Walt believed that you could feel through the soles of your feet, so he insisted on details right down to the pavement design and texture. But here's the beauty of it that makes Disney so special: that one detail may not be noticed or make a difference on its own, but think of all the details that come together...it's the smells, the feels, the sounds, everything coming together that makes the total experience truly magical.

Guess what? You, too, can bring lots of little details together in YOUR business to make magic for your clients.

What are 5 details that you can start incorporating today? Examples: do your business cards make a statement, do you hand loose contracts or showing sheets to clients or do you use a nice folder (even if it's a plain folder with a label or branded sticker on it)? Do you answer the phone using the client's name (simply save new contacts into your phone!)? Do you send thank you notes to potential clients, current clients and agents you're working with? Do you have coloring sheets & crayons for kids, or dog cookies on hand for grab-and-go thoughtful gestures?There are countless small ways (that add up) to make people feel valued & special. But it's up to you to make it happen!

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