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direct from disney May 15, 2020

Have you caught either of the recent Disney Family Singalongs on TV? They definitely brought the wam & fuzzy feels into our homes. Have you wondered why Disney is producing those, and going to the time, effort and expense to air them? (Did you think it was simply a public service, to help boost our spirits during the pandemic?)

While it DID lift our hearts (and apparently the hearts of millions of viewers), you know that wasn't the real reason Disney aired it, right? Disney is a master of marketing and customer engagement. The Disney Family Singalongs are a brilliant way to continue to build customer loyalty and get people excited about the Disney brand, even with the parks closed. Disney is keeping their fan base engaged, so that when the parks re-open, we can't wait to visit!

As a real estate professional, you are no different. You can continue to engage with YOUR clients, so that when they are ready to buy or sell, (i.e. our version of the parks re-opening), they can’t wait to call you.


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