It's Fall, Ya'll!

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

Few markets are slowing down, according to our members! Many in real estate usually take advantage of this time of year to regroup, catch our breath or redesign our systems (that's what AoE Training is for!). Here are a few reasons to reach out and connect with your database this fall:

  • Fall Maintenance Checklist - for those in colder climates, send out a printed or emailed checklist to remind homeowners what maintenance items they should be taking care of before winter

  • Furnace tune up - send out a discount or coupon from your favorite HVAC contractor to everyone in your database to have their furnace cleaned & serviced. Don't overthink it! Let people know to use the secret code "I love my Realtor" when they call to schedule service, so your technician knows they came from you

  • Fall closet cleanout - remind folks that it's time to weed out any old or unwanted items from their closet. Want to take it up a notch? Offer to pick up any bagged items from their porch and drop off for them at a local thrift store. (Teenagers who can drive are great for helping out with this!) Leave your card and a thank you note on their door!

  • Home Improvement Bang for the Buck - Now's the time for many homeowners to start thinking about home improvement projects BEFORE they're ready to sell in the spring or summer. Send out info on what projects will give them the highest return - and a reminder that you're always happy to do a walk through with them to make recommendations!

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