If Disney Ran Your Life...

Uncategorized May 15, 2020

Next week's topic in the "If Disney Ran Your Life" discussion group is all about confidence and attitude. Walt Disney was known to be full of confidence about making his dreams become reality. But sometimes you need a little help getting to Disney-level confidence. 

Here are 5 confidence & attitude boosters that are sure to help get your head back in the game & your swagger soaring!

1. Get moving. A few minutes of exercise can work wonders to your motivation & energy level. (Think Sully doing "scary feet" drills.)

2. Dress the part. Swap the sweats for an outfit that makes you feel smart, successful & powerful. It can be the extra boost you need. (Think Walt Disney Co Chairman of the Board& former CEO Bob Iger.)

3. Throw your shoulders back & stand up straight. You'll breath better, look more confident, and yes, feel stronger too. (Think Buzz Lightyear standing tall & confident, proclaiming "To infinity, and beyond!")

4. Put on a happy face. Silly but true - even forcing yourself to smile will trigger a change in how you actually feel. (Think Olaf, is there a happier soul anywhere?)

5. Get one thing done. Even if it's something as small as doing the dishes, making your bed, calling one person, or even texting a client to check in, getting ONE little thing done from your to-do list will build momentum to get you moving on a more positive and confident path. (Think Snow White getting the dwarfs' house in order.)

As a reminder, anyone who's part of the official Agent of Excellence Member Network is welcome to jump on our weekly discussion Zoom call, based on Jeff Noel's If Disney Ran Your Life podcast. Simply listen to the episode before the call, and download the worksheet from your member portal to prepare for the live discussion. Members, check out the official event on the Agent of Excellence Member Network on Facebook for details.

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