Disney + Real Estate = Agent of Excellence

Ever wish there was a way to add Disney to your real estate business?

Agent of Excellence is a private network & official designation for real estate professionals who want to incorporate Disney’s principles of world class service & client engagement into their business. Our goal? Raise the standard of service across the real estate industry!

We serve our members in 3 ways:

1. Provide training & tools to help our members excel in their markets by bringing Disney-level service into their real estate practices.

2. Provide a referral network for members to refer business and clients to other members within the group.

3. Provide motivation, inspiration and a "daily dose of Disney" across our online community. Let's support each other to be our best (plus EVERYTHING is better when you add Disney to it)!

"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

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Are you ready to add the magic of Disney to your business?

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Meet the Agent of Excellence Team!

            MONICA SHEA

 Founder & CEO

As a real estate agent in Colorado Springs, Monica knew there was an amazing network of other “Disney people” out there who were also in real estate. Agent of Excellence was formed to bring these Disney agents together to collaborate, share ideas, and bring Disney to real estate.


Membership Director

Serving the North Colorado market, Britt is passionate about serving her real estate clients with a little dose of pixie dust, and also loves all things Disney! One of the very first Agents of Excellence, Britt coordinates the different programs, products and events available to members.

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